Dolaka District on day of second earthquake

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photo of a house taken before second earthquake hit
same house 1 minuter later
same house 1 minuter later

This is a quote from our Trustee Catherine in Nepal  “Dolaka – the complete epicentre, was where we were standing on a precipitous mountain road at 11,000 feet.
We saw the missing (now found and crashed US helicopter go over. It went down 6 km from here)

This is the same house 1 minute later. This was 3 metres from where we were standing.

Next to us was a man with massive cuts all over. Near was an almost dead woman. Up the road where we were going to do our rice drop (6 tonnes) were 40 dead villagers.
Town 8km that we had come through was completely destroyed. The entire staff of the Nepal Rasta Bank including the manager were killed at their desks. 20 landslides had come down on the road we had just travelled.
The road we were due to travel was completely blocked.

Until you have lived through it, is is impossible to understand. There are these massive noises as well which do not seem to be coming from collapsing buildings but from the ground itself. It feels like a massive hole will form under you and swallow you up.
The shaking is so violent, it is like incredibly severe airline turbulence where you cannot stand up and the ground itself feels like air, hollow unstable not solid.

All afternoon were crack and bangs. Even this morning there was a 5+ at 7.30am.

If we had been 15 minutes earlier or later , we would not have survived.
We eventually got back at 1.30am and slept on the ground in Kathmandu. We were also unable to drop the rice as the road was blocked and mobs were appearing as it got dark and the situation became very very difficult. We spent about 4 hours negotiating with police, army, villagers, mobs etc before retreating.
The rice is due to go up again shortly when the road is reopen. We considered this best for everyone.”


As she says , until you have lived through it, it is impossible to understand.