How You Can Help

  • Each year we take a group of trekkers.  We ask each person to raise funds for NIN, aiming to raise at least £500 and £1000 if possible.


  • Volunteer if you have any medical skills or would like to teach English. You must be physically fit to trek to the area and must be prepared to live in basic conditions. There is no running water so no hot showers. Food is rice and potatoes every day. In particular we need doctors who are prepared to help for a number of months. Anyone who is a native English speaker would be welcome to teach at the school.


  • Organise an activity in your area to raise money. We would be happy to support anyone who would like to do this.


  • Collect children’s books, pencils/crayons and other educational materials. In particular, we need children’s books suitable for a basic level of English. Help pay for postage to Nepal. We will then bus and porter these up for three days from the road-head. Each porter will carry 40kg.