Nepal in Need and its sponsors are proud to have paid for a number of complex operations for children with severe congenital problems. These have entailed enormous logistical issues as all the patients needed to be taken to Kathmandu, stay there some time and be accompanied by a guardian and a Nepal in Need trustee. All the patients come from extremely remote villages and have never been to a city before, let alone navigated the different departments of a major hospital.

The most complex of all was the operation for Ejina (pictured) aged 13. She was found by our chair, Dr Ellis , dirty and abandoned, half way up a mountain with a broken tibia. She had been left in this state for many years and would have continued like this, if not for the help of David Ellis and Nepal in Need. In this condition, she was a prisoner in her own hut. Someone who cannot walk , cannot go to school, cannot participate in any activities as there are no roads or cars and they would be unlikely ever to marry. After over 6 months of complex operative care and extensive physiotherapy, Ejina is now back at school and literally, running up and down mountains.

The difficulties of such an operation are not just the operation itself but the fact that Nepali hospitals provide neither nursing care nor food, Everything including going to the toilet, drinks, bathing , sheets and drugs have to be done by the patient’s family. The cost for Ejina alone was over £1000.  If anyone is interested in supporting an operation like this, we can find a patient who needs your help and you can fund directly, donor to patient. It is a very rewarding experience for the donor to give someone their  life back again.