What We Do

Nepal in Need runs three health posts in Eastern Nepal. Two were purpose built and one, Gudel, in Solu district, is run in conjunction with the government as a joint venture. In Gudel, we have added equipment, a highly qualified member of staff (HA) and extra drugs. Gontala health post is situated at 10,000 feet, near to where Gyaljen Sherpa (trustee and founder) was born.

All health posts are open seven days a week and staffed entirely by Nepali health workers . All health posts provide emergency medical assistance, general primary health care, maternal care , drugs, basic dental provision and participate in the government TB, innoculation and family planning programs.

The posts save lives directly each year.  The health post at Gontala gave immediate emergency care for a woman who was attacked by a bear and needed hundred of stitches to stop bleeding to death.  Intravenous drips have also saved people with acute diarrhoea. Yaphu health post sent an immediate team out to an area devastated by a landslide where many were injured. They arrived before either the army, the government or any other NGO.

All care is provided free but a small charge (50 rupees) is made to people who can afford it for drugs to stop wastage and to make our limited resources go further. Drugs in Nepal are generics from India and generally much cheaper than in the UK. Paracetamol (10p per strip), Antibiotic (90p per course) The very old, indigent, children and pregnant women receive drugs completely free. No one, irrespective of caste, race or means is ever turned away.