GYALJEN SHERPA – FOUNDER Gyaljen grew up in Sisema, one of the remote Sherpa villages in the Himalayas that we are now supporting. Gyaljen first saw a car at 19 years of age and was unable to attend school as his village is a five day walk from the nearest small town. He was one of eleven children of which only five survived, the others having died in infancy. His father died in the village aged 45 of some unknown gastric disease leaving the family penniless. Gyaljen walked for 20 days to Kathmandu to try to find a job. He worked for no salary in a carpet factory in horrendous conditions before eventually becoming a Sherpa climber. Gyaljen climbed Everest on the disastrous 1996 Mountain Madness expedition which became famous in the book ‘Into Thin Air’ where five people died in a storm on the mountain. Gyaljen now speaks four languages and lives between Nepal and the UK. He wanted to give back something to these communities who still have children dying needlessly because of the lack of basic health care.




CATHERINE BLAIKLOCK MA (HONS) OXON – FOUNDER Catherine was an investment banker working in Singapore when she met Gyaljen Sherpa at Everest Base Camp. Catherine first travelled aged 17 to Kathmandu overland through post revolutionary Iran in 1980 and has climbed, travelled and lived all over the world including 15 years in Asia. She is passionate about helping Nepal.





Dev Ghimire

DEV GHIMIRE, MBA Dev was a development worker in Nepal and observed many cases of people dying from as simple disease as diarrhoea and phenomena particularly in mid-mountain region where basic healthcare facility is out of the reach of them. Dev believes the main causes are: inaccessibility of health posts and /or health workers, unavailability of medicine, inability to pay for the medicine and lack of awareness. When he met Gyaljen and Catherine in 2009 he was impressed with the effort the Nepal in Need team has put to establish and run health posts as well as regular health camps in the foothill of the Himalayas. He participated in many fund raising events to support NIN’s Nobel cause. As a Nepali, he wanted to give back something to these communities who still have no access to the very basic health care facility. Dev currently works for Marsh (the world’s leading insurance brokers and risk advisers) in Norwich.

Jessie Clayton

Jess Clayton volunteered for the charity in 2017 during her Gap Year and is now our trustee. She visited the rural villages Yaphu, Gontalla and Tamku and taught English in the village schools. She is currently in her first year at the University of Exeter studying Geography. She hopes to dedicate time to the charity through fundraising and perhaps lead a volunteer trip back to the villages in the future. After spending four months trekking and volunteering in Nepal, Jess has strong attachment to the country and is devoted to helping the people of Nepal.