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How To Get Sports Cards Graded

You may see a white spot by the black part on the bottom right hand. Generally, the older a card is and the better its condition, the more it makes sense to have it graded from a valuation standpoint.

1963 Topps Hall of Famer Lou Brock graded ExcellentMint 6

At the time, psa 10s were selling around $400 (why are graded cards worth more?

How to get sports cards graded. Only certain cards in certain condition will see a significant boost in value if graded by psa. The condition of a card has a huge impact on what it’s worth. Other issues take a years of experience and a trained eye to pick up on.

That way, when you get the cards back from grading, any discrepancies can be thoroughly examined. While some cards are worth more after they have been professionally graded, i have found that most cards gain very little value when professionally graded and rarely gain enough value to cover the additional incurred fees. A card that has been professionally graded at a 10 is worth many times more than a graded card at 3.5.

Cards authenticated and graded by psa achieve amazing prices at auction. Grading is based on centering, corners, cut, colour, borders, enamel, focus, picture quality and micro imperfections. When examining vintage cards, it is important to measure the cards using a standard 6 ruler.

Naively, i thought i could send the card in via the express option ($70) and i’d get the card back in time in order to capitalize on value if the white sox made it deep into the playoffs. So this is what i do when looking to buy raw sports cards to get graded for profit. Great and very polite communication at all time.

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It also allows collectors to ask specific questions, based on their understanding of the card's condition, as to why a card was returned in a certain grade. He can also get hot and perform amazingly well which will make his card become more valuable. Regular service is $15 per card for up to 25 cards with a ten business day turnaround.

Some imperfections in the card may be obvious, a rounded corner or a crease in the card. If you want to get an idea about condition, use our online grading guide to help you understand how to grade your sports cards. The truth is that some cards actually sell for less on the market after the owner has paid to have them graded!

Since its inception in 1991, psa has certified over 40 million cards and collectibles with a cumulative declared value of over a billion dollars. Graded cards are worth more than raw cards the third party grading companies such as psa and sgc have really transformed the hobby over the past decade. Psa can help you get the most for your cards.

There is also an ‘a’ grade for cards that are authentic but are in too poor of shape to be graded. Our main office is located in kitchener, ontario with an additional office in vancouver. Selling a graded card is generally much easier than attempting to sell a raw (ungraded) version of the same card.

I will start off and say to not send in a bunch of cards for grading without first reading this guide, the sites of the grading companies, and ebay completed sports card sales. Professional sports card grading has become a cornerstone of the card collecting industry. If it’s graded at a 10, it may be only one of 100 cards graded as a 10.

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In terms of value, auction prices continue to show that cards authenticated and graded blow away the value of ungraded cards. I believe that it’s just bad lighting. A raw card numbered to 250 is going to sell for far less than a graded 10 card numbered to 250 for this very reason.

Both topps were graded 3, or. The trading card database has prices achieved from actual card sales, not estimates. Email us your list at [email protected] for a prompt quote.

Just look at auction sites like ebay where graded cards abound and are moving on a daily basis. If you're from europe and are looking to get your cards graded, i will definitely recommend to use this service! But covering the sports collectible industry without buying and selling baseball and other sports cards is like being a restaurant critic without tasting the food.

Online sports & non sports cards collectibles and price guide subscription. If you're from europe and are looking to get your cards graded, i will definitely recommend to use this service! Cards that are graded as 'authentic' are known to be genuine, but because of an alteration or other defect, the grader was unable to provide a numbered grade.

Great and very polite communication at all time. ) and still had a relatively low pop ( what does pop mean? Ksa certification is a canadian owned and operated card & coin grading, autograph authentication and memorabilia appraisal company.

Discover expert narratives, collecting articles, pricing, populations and checklists all in one place with psa. During that time a player can get hurt, be in a slump, or do something stupid that will lower their card values. Now i have decided to find a card for you all that i feel will get a psa 10.

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The centering and corners are on point. Absolutely best grading service for european customers. We are actively buying graded cards and psa set registry sets.

Free first class parcel shipping in the u.s. The aim is to provide factual information from the marketplace to help collectors. Now getting your cards graded can be expensive and take more than 3 months to get back!

Absolutely best grading service for european customers. It’s the simple concept of supply and demand. On all orders over $100!

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