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Sport Cup 2 Vs Re71r

Interestingly, the supersport r (which sits below the rs) is already faster than the cup 2 around both the company’s testing facility in spain and the nardo race track in italy, according to lhenry. When we purchased our boxster, the tires were already well worn, and certainly were not even in the same category of performance as the pilot sport cup 2 tires we have now.

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I got one season out of my re71r's i want to try these next.

Sport cup 2 vs re71r. Michelin pilot sport 4 vs pilot sport 4 s vs cup 2. As with any new tyre development, michelin created several key goals for the new pilot sport cup 2 by analysing the weaknesses of the previous generation cup+. A couple of weeks later, my first time driving on the the sport cup 2's in a cool morning time attack session (about 54 deg f/12 deg c and overcast), that dropped to 1:15.52 with a few other 1:15 laps, suggesting it isn't a one lap wonder.

Low rolling resistance is rarely a consideration when discussing extreme performance summer tires, and we recorded only a slight difference in observed vehicle fuel economy. Cup 2 vs toyo track results to be fair this is not apples to apples because my cup 2s are 235/35/19 and my toyos r888r are 265/30/19 but here goes. 米其林發表 pilot sport 4 s,主打 19 及 20 吋性能胎的市場。 【 michelin pilot sport 4 s 運動胎相片集 】 這款 ps4s 性能胎,米其林將它定位在介於 ps4 及 ps cup 2 之間,訴求為 80% 街道及 20% 賽道的胎種,而 ps4 則是定位在 100% 街道使用,輪胎供應尺寸則在 15 吋至 18 吋。

Anyone have any experience of these tyres for their 430 or 360 on the road (not track)? The re71r and ad 08r tires are top tier tire rack tested extreme performance summer tires (as good. New michelin pilot sport cup 2 r tire is a very cheaty tire i had a chance to get a set of psc2 r n0 on 991.1 gt3 rs and drove it on the nordschleife.

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In the uk this is quite a tricky test to do as there's only a couple of crossover sizes. 300 vs 200 treadwear rating (lasts 66% longer), better in the wet, i'm not even sure if your car or driver can use the performance advantage of the r71r compared to pss. This is the same tire that porsche used for their nürburgring record of 911.2 gt3 rs / gt2 rs / gt2 rs mr.

One of the most common questions submitted to tyre reviews is asking the differences between the michelin performance tyre range, specifically the differences between the michelin pilot sport 4, michelin pilot sport 4 s and michelin pilot sport cup 2. Should be here at the beginning of june. The data that helps from my car, is that my corner speeds and exit speeds were all higher on the sc3 vs re71r, and max g forces of 1.41 vs 1.38 so the tires seem to have more lateral grip than re71r.

I use my gated 430 for fast road use, rarely or never in the. 3 days isn't in my budget for any tire so won't be buying cup 2's again. The re71r has also peaked my interest and i may give them a try after i burn through these.

It also works decently in the rain (none of these tires are good, however, so drive with caution). I would hazard a guess that based on the fact you aren't even sure what size to get, this is not the tire for you. It's really a track tire.

Bridgestone introduced this tire at the beginning of 2015, and now has a full range of sizes available, and we have finally had some customers try this out, and indeed, is a very good tire.for those of you looking for a dot tire, that is just above the 200 tire tread wear rating (some time trial and autocross groups set this as the lowest limit for tire wear for a street tire). 2018 86 gts v 2003 s55 amg. “the pilot sport cup 2 seemed very predictable right up to the limit and beyond.

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Oem's will sit in the garage. Bleiben wir zunächst im nassen. Both tires and wheels weight the same at 47# wear:

The biggest downside to this tire is how quickly it wears with track use. The wet performance is much larger then the dry. I also live in the columbus area.

The.3 mile per gallon disparity between our lowest and highest observed. If you are driving your car in the canyons, track days, etc, and don't worry about treadwear, sport cup 2 is the obvious choice. The pilot sport cup 2 is a different class tire vs the re71r.

The sport cup 2 is a fast tire, one that has really surprised me with the grip offered out of a 180 tw. I have the sport cup 2's. I will have a dedicated track wheel and driving wheels.

Not only that, but the old sumitomo tires were on the smaller stock wheels in much. Didn't seem to suffer from delamination as the r888s did. Auf dem bewässerten 1,832 kilometer langen handlingkurs ist der cup 2 mehr als zwei sekunden pro runde schneller als der bridgestone potenza s007 rs und der giti gitisport gtr3.

I will say that tire squeal came on a bit closer to the threshold which is to be expected of a more sticky. Cup 2 my original set lasted 4 events and had cord showing on the. I'm waiting on wheels though (265/19's).

The nt01 lasts much longer, and the r888r seems to be similar in life. + it rides better and less. And they feel fantastic on track.

So.for those of us who want to stay in stock rims, but run track/autox it's in a pretty sweet spot. Low prices for michelin pilot sport cup 2 tires at our online discount tire store in canada or the united states. I'm in the same boat as sbd47.

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Set up cup 2 on oe forged wheels toyos are on avant garde m310 19×9,5 weights: The sport cup 2's give traction equal to a proxes 888 or conti with about 10k miles of life expectancy. Let me begin by saying that this report on my experience with the michelin pilot sport cup 2 tire is entirely based on subjective feedback.

2014 red st3, panda e30 tune :big smile:, 18×8.5 57xtremes, 245/40/18.

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